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Rethinking Teaching
Getting our Bearings in a Fast Changing Scenario
JUNE 23rd

8.30 – 9
Registration – Escuela Argentina Modelo – Riobamba 1059 - CABA

9 – 9.15

Welcome Words by Mg. Liliana Luna, Head at La Asociación

9.15 – 10.45
Prof. Sarah Hillyard
Back to VAK: Lively classrooms for visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners.
We all learn different things in different ways; therefore, a variety of learning styles coexist in the classroom. Using a multi-modal approach enables teachers to enhance their students’ learning of a foreign language by catering for different preferences. Not only do songs, games, poems, stories and tongue twisters liven up our young learner classrooms, but they also combine the visual, auditory and kinesthetic modes of learning to create an environment where everybody learns.

Sarah Hillyard graduated as “Profesora de Inglés” from Asociación Argentina de Cultura Inglesa and Profesorado Daguerre. She has been teaching English at Kindergarten level for six years and has been Kindergarten English Coordinator for two years at Colegio San Martín de Tours (mujeres). She also teaches English at Secondary level at Colegio Aula XXI. She spent two years travelling as an actress with “The Performers” (TIE). At present she is studying for a Masters Degree in Teaching English to Young Learners (by distance) from the University of York, U.K.

10.45 – 11.15 COFFEE BREAK
11.15 – 12.45
Lic. Gustavo Paz
Motivation and Secondary School Students
During this workshop we will deal with different theories of motivation and suggest tools and activities we can use to help adolescents identify their unique learning styles and interests. How to motivate our secondary school students is a serious problem we, teachers, frequently face in our daily lessons. The arousal, regulation and sustaining of our students’ enthusiasm for learning is a challenging task for teachers. If we want to help them, we need to recognize and remove psychological and environmental obstacles to their self-realization.

Gustavo Paz was awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (University of Reading, UK). He graduated as an English Translator (“Universidad de Buenos Aires”) and as a Teacher of English (ISP “Dr. Joaquín V. González.”) He holds a university degree in Education (“Universidad Nacional de Quilmes”) and a Certificate of Master-Practitioner in the Art of Neurolinguistic Programming as applied to Education (Resourceful Teaching Institute).
He is a tenured lecturer in “Didáctica Específica” at ISP “Dr. Joaquín V.Gonzalez” and Instituto del Profesorado “Sagrado Corazón,” and English coordinator at CIBADIST (Distance Teacher Training College) and Head of the English Department at Limerick School. He is currently writing the new English curriculum for secondary education for the Buenos Aires Province. He has co-authored the book Construyendo puentes hacia otras lenguas (Editorial La Crujía, 2009).

12.45 – 14 LUNCH BREAK

14 – 15:30
Mg. Laura Renart
Bumps and Shocks – Culture in the Teenage Classroom
This workshop goes around the idea that every time we meet a different culture we either suffer a shock or at least a bump, in Greenall’s words. Our teenage students seem to be highly exposed to manifestations of other cultures but this does not mean that the approach towards them ensures openness and acceptance.This presentation is the outcome of an Action Research paper carried out with young adults. Its findings and discoveries have set the basis for a series of activities to help them understand the concept of ‘culture’. How does a teenage class insert itself in a macro-culture? What does a teenage micro-culture imply? In what way are we helping them shape their ‘construction of linguistic identity’? Together, we’ll go through a series of activities in which we will explore the reaches of understanding our own culture to discover others.

Laura Renart is a graduate of ISP “Presbítero Dr. Sáenz”, Buenos Aires, and holds an MA in Education and Professional Development from the University of East Anglia, UK. She is a teacher trainer at ISP "Dr Saenz" and a tutor at Universidad Virtual de Quilmes. Since 2008 she is Head of Senior School at St Michael’s College, Adrogué. She is also educational representative and trainer for Norwich Institute for Language Education (Norwich, UK) and a Cambridge ESOL Oral Examiner. She has trained teachers both in Argentina and abroad - UK, Uruguay, Colombia, Ireland and China. She has presented extensively at conventions in Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Paraguay, Spain, USA and UK as well as in local educational events. Her main research interest has to do with bilingualism in the local context.

15.30 – 15.45 COFFEE BREAK

15.45 – 17.15
Mady Casco
Using Topic-based Projects with Adult Learners
Do you teach adult learners? Would you be willing to start teaching them? Come to this workshop where we will discuss the main characteristics of adult learners and the most relevant issues that arise when teaching them a foreign language: anxiety and inhibition.
Furthermore, we will analyse how the implementation of topic-based projects can motivate adults, provide them with a feeling of achievement, raise their self-esteem and make them communicate in the target language meaningfully and purposefully.

Mady Casco graduated as Profesora en Inglés from I.S.P. "J. V. González" where she specialized in Methodology II with Prof Ana Armendáriz. She also graduated as Licenciada en Educación from Universidad Nacional de Quilmes.
Mady has been a teacher developer for more than 19 years, having taught at I.S.P. "J.V. González" and Universidad de Belgrano. Currently, she is teaching Trayecto de Construcción de las Prácticas Docentes 1 & 2, Residencia de Nivel Medio and Seminario Investigación Acción at E.N. S. en Lenguas Vivas "S.B. de Spangenberg". She is the coordinator of the subject “Inglés I” at Universidad Provincial de Ezeiza. She is a teacher trainer at Cepa (Centro de Pedagogías de Anticipación, Ciudad de Buenos Aires). She has lectured widely in Argentina and Uruguay and designed several topic-based projects for teenagers and adults on topics such as “The Sixties”, “Lost”, “The Simpsons”, “The World Cup” and “Sherlock Holmes”.

17.15 – 17.30 GRAND FINALE: RAFFLE!!!

Certificates of attendance will be issued

For enrolment and payment details contact:
Or call us at: 4814-0545

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